1% Program Our Special Program for buyers

Real Estate Rebate

• Broker commissions are traditionally 5% of a home's price and are always pre-established between the seller and listing broker in their agreement.

• The seller pays the commission, which is usually split by the seller's broker (2.5%) and the buyer's broker (2.5%).

• However, we as realtors offer a rebate for buyers who like to take an active role in their home search in exchange for a commission rebate.

1% Option Rebate

Buyers will receive a credit equal to all of our commission over 1%. (Our minimum commission is $10,000.)

This is our highest rebate option and is most utilized by experienced buyers who have already found a property they want to purchase.

MLS Sale

These homes are advertised for sale on the multiple listing Service (MLS). We rebate 1% of the purchase price to you.
(Minimum commission – $10,000) Contact for More Information

We represent sellers for a 1% commission*
You can offer $1 – 3% commission to the buyer's agent
(Minimum commission – $10,000)

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*All listings are negotiable and will be based on a case by case scenario. There are no guarantees or warranties applied. Subject to change with out any given prior notice. Will be base on real estate agent availability.

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